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Visio 2021 Professional LTSC

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Cheap price for equivalent software

Software does not wear out. That is why used software is equal to new software. At Soft&Cloud you can still buy it for the fraction of the original price.

Safe and secure

Selling and buying used software licenses is absolutely legal and unobjectionable. With the purchase of a license, the buyer is the legal owner of the software copy and may accordingly resell it.

Easy due to individual support

For every step - from the initial inquiry to the audit - our competent technical staff is there to assist you individually.


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Ask us!

Ask us!

How do I buy pre-owned licenses from Soft&Cloud?

When you buy used software from us, you get a cost-effective, high-quality solution you can count on. But how exactly does buying from Soft & Cloud work? As licensing experts, Soft & Cloud is transparent and educates you at all times.

Soft & Cloud buys software licenses already in use
You are probably wondering where the software distributed by Soft & Cloud comes from. It's simple: when companies buy licenses, acquiring too many, when companies restructure, downsize, move to cloud solutions or are abandoned, licenses are put up for sale. Through a strong industry network, Soft & Cloud learns about this and buys up these licenses. Subsequently, Soft & Cloud passes on the licenses you need at a low price.

You choose the software license you need from Soft & Cloud's product range
Soft & Cloud gathers in its assortment high-quality used software such as Microsoft Office and other Windows licenses. The offer is not static, but is always based on current sales. Soft & Cloud can therefore often provide licenses that are not currently available in the range within a short time on request. Soft & Cloud's license consultants are happy to provide personal information on all offers and help you find the right software for your purposes.

You purchase the software licenses and all associated rights
Once you have found the right software, you purchase it from Soft & Cloud at a particularly favorable price. The delivery of these used licenses is legal and secure. You can install the software in question immediately and use it to its full extent.

Where do the used pre-owned come from?

After a software usage analysis, many companies discover a de facto surplus of software licenses that are no longer needed in their operations. You can turn this software back into cash by simply selling the used licensing to another company or - even easier - directly to Soft & Cloud AG. Initially, it is unimportant whether you are dealing with volume licenses from a volume licensing agreement or software from a standard package, single package, full package product (FPP) or OEM software.

What matters is that you no longer use the software and that the original terms of purchase permit disposal. Rental models and cloud solutions are generally not marketable. For example, currently only "older" Adobe® licenses up to version CS6 are available for sale. Newer cloud applications such as Adobe® CC are not traded as used software.

Is it legal to buy software second hand?

Used software is legal - but despite a 2012 ruling, few companies realize the potential savings.
Buying used software licenses offers a great advantage for companies: Lower costs for the same performance enable high savings in the company and pay off economically. Nevertheless, only a few companies have taken advantage of this opportunity so far. Why is that?

The results of a recent survey by the opinion research institute YouGov provide the answer: numerous respondents are unsure about the legal situation, although this has been clear since a ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union in 2012.

Rulings on used software:
In 2012, the ECJ laid the foundation for today's legal situation with its decision on the subject of used software. According to this decision, software may be resold and the buyer also receives the right to update it. In 2013, the Federal Court of Justice confirmed the ECJ's decision, so that the legal situation has been consolidated in Germany since then. In 2016, the corresponding decisions of the Münster Procurement Chamber were also verified. The uncertainty of many companies regarding built software is unfounded. Because used software is an optimal way for companies of all sizes to reduce costs without having to forego the performance of high-quality software.

Soft & Cloud license consultants will be happy to advise you in detail about your options.

Do you still have questions about how you can buy used software licenses from Soft & Cloud and benefit from favorable offers? Then let the license experts advise you - free of charge and without obligation.

The Soft & Cloud hotline: +49 2571-13 999 00

Do you have questions about specific software (for example Microsoft Office, Microsoft Server or other Windows, Server and Office licenses)? Then visit the Soft & Cloud website for detailed information about the current range of used licenses. You will find helpful hints about the assortment as well as about licensing of used software, Windows Server license and many other topics.

How does the purchase proceed

How does the purchase proceed

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